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Our GOD Did it! Season

Who gets the glory in your life? Is it you, or is it God...

Lately, I have been studying the amazing word-Yahweh in Genesis and Exodus. God wanted His people to know He is Yahweh. He is the God of their past, their present and their future.

Because He knows everything and only His wisdom will bring the victory for He is the Great I Am that I Am. He was God, He is God and He will always be God. There is no one before Him. There is none besides Him. He is the only true God, everything else is a copycat of Him. The copy cats seek His glory. They want the worship that should go to God alone. Woe to any person that tries to take away the worship that's due His name. Just read about satan and the demons, hell is their destination -- all because they wanted and still want God's glory. That's the battle facing the souls of men and women. God created you for His glory. He wants to have a relationship with you through Jesus Christ and display you as a trophy of Righteousness.

So, today, take a minute and acknowledge Yahweh. Thank Him for being the GOD of your yesterday, your today and your tomorrows. Thank Him for already working your situation out because He has the answers and in time He will provide the answers to you. Thank Him comforting your heart while waiting on the answers. Because He is the all knowing God who loves you, you can trust Him. And in everything, you give Him the GLORY-the honor, the praise, and the worship that is due to HIM because HE IS YAHWEH! He is the of your past, your present and your future. When everything is said and done, you will say-GOD DID IT!

CROWNING THOUGHTS: THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, GLORIFY YOUR NAME in us, YAHWEH! We acknowledge YOU as the GOD of our past, present and future. We give you the place of priority by setting our minds and hearts on You. We lay down all of our idols before You. Nothing compares to You. Be glorified in our lives.


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