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A Matter of Your Perspective-Part Two

John 1:46 And Nathanael said to him, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”

This is the second part of "A Matter of Your Perspective"....Remember our friend, Nathanael's response to Phillip...Read Part One if you needed to...Can anything good come out of Nazareth...

Have you ever studied something and still didn’t understand it until you began to look at it a different way. Once you got a revelation of it, you started to understand it. Phillip saw JESUS with his eyes but did not see JESUS with his heart. He did not understand who JESUS was…he had no revelation.

Can anything good thing come from Nazareth…was Nathanael’s response to Phillip. Phillip replied, “Come see!”

Well, can anything good thing come out of Nazareth …Nazareth was the hometown of Mary and Joseph, who were the earthy parents of JESUS. GOD entrusted them to raised HIS SON. This is place where JESUS grew up. The name Nazareth means separated, crowned or sanctified. It was a poor town located in Galilee that was north of Bethlehem.

Back to the scriptures….so apparently, Nathanael was curious and went to see. Once, he arrived, the LORD called him out! HE told him that he was a trustworthy man. JESUS went on to reveal the heart of Nathanael which was he was a seeker of the truth. HE acknowledged Nathanael’s heart’s cry for truth and told him... I know your heart.

Nathanael responded with a heart of humility. His perspective changed from distrust and suspicion to trust in JESUS as RABBI (Great One, Wise Teacher), Son of GOD and the King of Israel! He saw JESUS’ Divinity. But JESUS responded with You will see me as I am, as the Son of GOD clothe in the Son of Man or as Divinity clothe in Humanity. You will be a witness of Heaven working on humanity’s behalf to do the will of the FATHER GOD.

Crowning Thought: It’s really a matter of your perspective. Do you see JESUS as the Son of Man or do you see Him as the Son of GOD doing the will of the FATHER?

Let’s pray…Heavenly FATHER, in the name of JESUS, thank you for opening our eyes to really see YOU. Thank YOU for changing our perspectives, changing our attitudes, and changing our points of views. We repent of our preconceived notions, judging by the flesh instead of looking with the eyes of the Spirit of God to see the true heart of the matter. When we fall short, please give us the grace to see the right way again. In JESUS’ name. Amen

Crown on!

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Thankfully God will never see us like man.

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