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And The Just Shall Live By Their Faith...

Recently, I have been overwhelmed as the annual End of Year procedures began...if you are an Elementary or Secondary Educator, you know the dreaded checklist that has to be completed before the last day of school in May!

Anywoo, my plate stayed full as I completed one task after another...shoot, as I completed 1, it seemed like 2 more took its place....I felt like I would not get it all done...Have you ever felt like that...overwhelmed, tired and frustrated meanwhile the mountain of tasks just grows and grows...The struggle bus is real!!!

But let me interrupt this train of thought...The just shall live by their faith (Romans 1:17)...

What does that mean to you? Think about it... How can your faith keep your mind at peace? Why is your faith so important?

We know the scripture...Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen (Hebrews 11:1). Your faith is your drive to go on. Its the hope of better things, better days and yes, the completion of the dread checklist! Its the hope of ... you fill in the blank. But you get the mental are crowning your thoughts with expectation. Faith works! It bring peace to the choas. It makes you lift your head and look up "towards the hills where my help comes from"!

Ah, yes, the just shall live by their faith!

You will accomplish everything that GOD has placed in your heart but at the right season of your life. Dont fret! You will, I can promise you that! Your faith feeds the dream... though its invisible to the eye but it burns in your heart passionately. It colors your world. It is making everything possible in small steps as GOD leads you along your destiny.

The things I have wanted to do for years are now just falling into place as I take one step at a time under HIS leading. Its the right time for it. Remember, I prayed (my faith), did what I could do (put my faith to work) and moved into position (ordered steps)...all while I waited with great expectation (held on until the blessing came). Yall, I repeated this until I got it right...but thats a story for another!

I do not own this photo.

Crowning Thoughts: I will make an effort to live by my faith. I will crown my thoughts with great expectations. I will not rush the LORD's hand to do what I want but rather I will pray, do what HE is telling me to do and then get out of HIS way. I will wait with great expectation while working.

Keep living by that FAITH!

Lady Aven

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