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Can I Get A Witness?

I have had this word on my heart for a while now. Ever since I started reading the Book of John again, I can’t get pass the first chapter. I keep reading it over and over. And you know what—this one word keeps sticking out-WITNESS. I noticed it several times in the text. Ok, Lord, you are telling me something…so I waited, and waited…knowing all along He will tell me or He will show me something new that I have never considered or thought about….so lets lay down a framework for a Witness…

A WITNESS means to have knowledge of an event from personal observation or of an experience or a collection of experiences. It is a first-hand account. It can also be used as evidence in a court of law. A eye-witness (gathered from a various sources)

In the Book of John- John, the Beloved Disciple of Jesus, writes about John the Baptist, a witness of Jesus Christ. John the Baptist and Jesus have met before. In first chapter of Luke, their mothers, Elizabeth (John the Baptist’s mother) and Mary (Jesus’ mother) were pregnant at the same time. But Elizabeth was a little further along in her pregnancy. After some time had passed, Mary went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. Once she made it to Elizabeth’s home, she was greeted with a warm welcome from Elizabeth and the baby leaped in her womb! John in the womb was responding to the PROMISE that GOD was fulfilling-The promise of a Savior-JESUS! Elizabeth, John’s mother, bore witness of Jesus Christ as well. Read the story, there are so many nuggets to gleam. But I want to focus on this word: WITNESS.

Let’s step into John the Baptist’s world. John was a WITNESS of Jesus. When he saw Jesus, He saw the Word of God made flesh-completely human yet Divine. The Living Word – walking in love, breathing the same air and talking with everyone. He does not know a stranger. He is kind and compassionate. He is GOD THE FATHER walking on the Earth. At the baptism, GOD summons a dove to overshadow His Son while HE speaks from the throne of Heaven that is MY HIS BELOVED SON IN WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED in the presence of John the Baptist and a host of other people. One such person, was John, the Beloved Disciple of Jesus. Yes, he was there, too. He has a first-hand account of this very experience and goes on to give us other first-hand accounts in the Book of John.

Can I get a WITNESS? A witness…one who has a first-hand account…one who has a collection of experiences…one who knows…evidence…a eye-witness…

Can I get a WITNESS…Think about your life. Look at how loving, and kind our God has been to you. Think about how that event that you still grieve over, it could have been worse…what else could have happen? Think about how HE kept you. HE guided you. HE sustained you. But most importantly, HE LOVED YOU THEN. HE LOVES YOU NOW AND HE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.

There are people all around you who need your WITNESS. They need to SEE how good GOD has been to you in spite of trials, sickness, unexpected deaths, soul trauma of depression and various conflicts. They need to SEE the walking testimony that you are. You are proof of HIS love and goodness. They need to HEAR how the LORD helped you, how the LORD sustained you when you became tired and frustrated…They need to HEAR your testimony of HIM.

Now go be the WITNESS. Go tell of HIS LOVE. Tell of HIS powerful WORD. Tell of HIS guidance and HIS wisdom. Tell of HIS favor and blessings. Tell of His many works…


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