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I'm Still Here!

Lets build up Sha'Carri Richardson!

Many are seeking to tear down her beautiful spirit. She is a 21 year old young lady who is headed to the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. She is ranked as one of the Top Ten fastest women in the world in 100 m races. She, most likely, will bring home an Olympic Gold medal for America! She has a very bright future ahead.

As I read an article about her, she talked about her struggles and how her mother died a week prior to the qualifying event but what caught my eye, were the words "I'M STILL HERE"! In spite of everything she has gone through, she is still here, still waking up every morning by GOD'S grace, still breathing and still has a another chance to make her dreams come true and make her family proud!

Isn't this the spirit of a Black Woman? ...that no matter what is thrown her way, she finds the inner strength and shouts to the world-I'M STILL HERE! In spite of what tried to break me- I'M STILL HERE! In spite of how people talk about me-I'M STILL HERE! In spite of not having a seat at the table-I'M STILL HERE! By GOD'S Amazing Grace, I'M STILL HERE!

Side Note: I don't support her gay lifestyle. I believe she deserves to be loved and respected as a human being. She is worthy of GOD'S grace just like the rest of us. Love the people God created and let HIM straighten them out.

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