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I Run With Horses Not Weary Footmen...

As the year of 2021 comes to a close, I have been doing a lot of self-reflecting. I took an honest look at how I was doing mentally, physically, and spiritually. I noticed changes have to be made in order to go the next distance in this journey we call life. I also completed several projects from my TO DO list that I started this year. Whew...I got it done! THANK YOU, LORD!!!!

On Monday, Dec. 27...a scripture came to mind...if you cant handle the weary footmen, how can you run with the horses (Jeremiah 12:5a). Just a little background about the text. The prophet Jeremiah was having a hard time with his countrymen. He was complaining about how they were still blessed eventhough they were not serving GOD and doing whatever they wanted to do. Jeremiah hated that. So while he was complaining to God, God interrupted him and said “If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, Then how can you contend with horses?" (Jeremiah 12:5a)

I have always loved horses. They are beautiful and strong. Their eyes are so expressive. They love to eat apples and carrots. My uncle lived on a Horse Ranch in the country. We would go there from time to time. I loved seeing the horses, never rode one. I just admire their statue. Horses are so majestic. They are beautiful to watch. When going through Kentucky, I love to watch the horses as we pass through Bowling Green. There are many horse ranches scattered throughout that area. A dream of mine is to attend a Kentucky Derby race

in full Spring regalia, hat and all! Now back to the verse...I didnt understand it at first. So I prayed, Lord what are you telling me? Help me to understand.

So, I started studying the beautiful, wild mustang horses - how they live, how they survive, you know - how they maintain their freedom. Then, it hit me...they are watchful. They stay on guard ...watching their surroundings, diligent in their environment. They break out into a swift, full gallop in the same direction to escape large predators. Did you know, they also like to run for fun...yes, for fun! This made me think about my freinds...who am I running w

ith? Who do I share my dreams, thoughts, and hopes with, my fears with, and my accomplisments with? Who am I running with? Freindships should have an exchange of ideas, right! Its reciprocal in nature. Can they share their thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears with me as well? Are we running in the same direction as we pursue our purpose? We should right... be running together in the same direction..heading to freedom like the wild horses!

Who are we running with? Are we trying to run with the footmen? Imagine running with the people who are trying to survive but all you hear is negative comments about encouragement, no happiness and certainly no joy! All they can offer you is drama. It seems to follow them everywhere that they go...the weary footmen. They wear your spirit down with their moaning and groaning. Ahhh, but the wild horses are free! Free to live. Free to roam. Free to enjoy all that life has to to pursue their dreams!

Who are you running with? Who are you contending to become...again, who are you running with?

I pray that 2022 will be the year that we all run! Run swiftly. Run with a full gallop with the dreams of our heart! Run with the horses...Run, Run, Run!!!

I run with the horses, not weary footman!

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