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Spring Forward into Action!

Yesterday, on Saturday, March 20 of 2021, we entered into a new season!

Spring is here! The air is crisp and the days are becoming nice and bright with the warm sun causing everything to awaken from the slumber of a cold Winter. Look around, little green leaves are sprouting on the plants in many of our flower gardens.

I love Spring! Its one of my favorite season! It is like life is saying GET UP, Get Moving! Move around and do something!!!!

May I encourage you to Spring into action!!!! You don’t need anyone’s permission to be great! God has already given you the tools and His is blessing to be great! Go for it! If you fail, try again, change your method but never give up!

Crowing Thoughts: Step Forward!

Treasure Chest Scripture: I focus on this one thing forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead! Phillipans 3:14

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