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The Territory of Purpose

But He (Jesus) needed to go through Samaria. --- John 4:4

Have you ever went to a place and wondered why did I come in here? Only to discover later on that you were needed in that very place at that particular time…You left that place, fulfilled as you realized it was a part of your purpose.

With that in mind, let’s look at the word “Territory”. It is a land (a place) with a specified characteristic or an area of land under the jurisdiction of a ruler or a state (Google Search).

In the book of John, chapter 4, we read about the journey our Savior took to the territory of Samaria. During this journey, He changed a woman’s life forever. He changed her perspective by telling her about herself. He told about her heart’s longing for love and the thirst that was in her soul. He told her how she could have the Living Water for her thirsty soul as she worshiped God alone. This Living Water would always refresh her, it would sustain her, it would be a source of total fulfillment… As she worshiped the One True Living God, her purpose would unfold before her very eyes. She would walk into it instead of looking to a man to tell her. Once she understood this truth, she began to walk out her purpose. She evangelized her community. She told her community all about the Messiah who was in their midst. The ONE they had been looking for was now walking and talking among them, doing the will of the Father!

Sometime later, after this transpired, Jesus’ disciples returned with food and offered the Savior some but He replied, “No, thank you. I am full, for I already ate…walking in my purpose has fulfilled me. My soul is satisfied in this territory of My purpose. This is the food for My soul…delicious soul food!!!” (My paraphrase of John 4:31-34)

I love our Lord! He was intentional with everything that He did while on Earth!!! He was showing us that when we walk in the territory of our purpose, we will be satisfied…nothing else will bring us this level of satisfaction….everything else will always leave us thirsting for more…It is His purpose that brings fulfillment.

In this territory of purpose, we are not vagabonds going from place to place with no vision but rather we are the Royal Sons and Daughters of God in pursuit of becoming all that God had in mind when He created us.

Let’s pray…Father in Jesus’ name, thank you for creating me. You have created me with a purpose. There is a territory of purpose assigned to me. There is something great You have deposited inside of me that will bless those around me and bring You Glory. Help me to see that gift that is wrapped up inside of me. Surround me with the right people to push the gift out so that it can be displayed for others to enjoy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Crowning Thoughts: When we enter the territory of our purpose, we will never thirst again for the Living Water of God will refresh our thirsty souls. It will give us a clear vision for our future, and a bold voice. As we begin to partner with God. We will see His agenda on the Earth. Our focus shifts from earthly things to bringing heavenly things to Earth. Our prayers become prayers of purpose.

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