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Hello, everyone!

So here goes... I have always wanted to start a blog! My heart is for every lady to know her purpose! This word has been on my heart for over 20 years! I have treasured it. It has shaped my mindset to understand that I am a daughter of the King! This mindset has helped me to push through challenges and I hope it will help you, too.

One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 45:13-14 New American Standard Bible

The King’s daughter is all glorious within; Her clothing is interwoven with gold. She will be led to the King...

We are all daughters of the King of Kings! We are His beloved! We must remind ourselves of that fact daily no matter what comes our way! We are glorious within! We have a Divine purpose that is waiting to be displayed like a beautiful crown!

Join me as I start this new blogging adventure! I will make a post every Saturday.

Be sure to sign up for the email subscription to stay in touch! Check our site often, new merchandise is coming soon!

Crown our mindset! We are The King's Daughters!

Lady Aven

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